John Calipari says 'one-and-done' perception is wrong

John Calipari dispelled the notion of UK as a “one-and-done factory” on his website Tuesday.

The post comes following a week of conversation about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s comments about the possibility of returning for a second season at UK and Calipari’s subsequent comments about the situation on Monday.

Calipari reiterated that he doesn’t like the current NBA rule, but that he is simply handling it how he sees best. That includes not standing in the way of a player if going to the NBA is his best option.

“Every kid is on a different timetable, and when I coach young people, it’s not about me,” Calipari wrote. “It’s about them. … I would love to coach all of these guys for four years and have them earn a college degree in four years, but if they have an opportunity to reach their dreams, I will not be the person to hold them back, nor will I let anybody at this university or in my program do it.”

Calipari again pointed to the success his players are currently having in the NBA and mentioned that some are still working toward their degrees as they sustain a professional career. He also discussed why he demands a player give him good reasons if he wants to return.

“I don’t chase kids out, but I make them think through why they want to do what they want to do,” Calipari wrote. “They’re not just going to say I’m leaving or I’m staying. They’ve got to talk to me about it. … If one of our kids wants to say he’s coming back next year and the year after that and even the year after that, that’s fine – I’m not going to stop him. But I am going to make sure he’s thought about the reasons.”

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Changed grades, college board two states from home, money in a bag, etc. etc. Cal’s defense is never it didn’t happen but rather he knew nothing. So let’s see- an obviously smart guy who is street smart who had not one but two
Programs in trouble knows nothing. Coaches are control freaks;they know the type of tape on your ankles but he knew nothing. He has assistant coaches, trainers, advisors, team managers watching over 13 players ( actually only three or four are superstars) and they all know nothing.
If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.