Take your pick: UK vs. Vanderbilt

Join the Kernel staff in predicting the outcome of the UK vs. Vanderbilt game:

UK 75 Vandy 63
The Cats have taken their share of bumps and bruises on the road this season. Fortunately for them, Saturday’s game will return them to Rupp where they will capture Calipari’s 50th consecutive home win. If Vandy’s sharpshooting couldn’t do it in Nashville then giving the Cats game tape to study won’t allow a second meeting to greet them with a pretty result. Expect Gilchrist to guard Jenkins this go around, limiting the Commordores scoring.
—Cody Porter

UK 79 Vandy 67
UK’s perimeter defense was suffocating down the stretch in Starkville on Tuesday. Put that effort in Rupp and it becomes even better. Vandy always seems to pour in shots when playing in Lexington, but MKG and company on the perimeter will keep it in check enough to make this a comfortable victory.
—David Schuh

UK 61 Vandy 48
The Cats completely suffocated Vandy in the final minutes in Nashville, and the Commodores will have that finish in mind when they come to Lexington Saturday. I expect a tough, bruising foul-filled contest. Every bucket will be a struggle, but the Cats prevail and continue their march towards an undefeated conference record.
—Les Johns