Calipari: would you drop Louisville, North Carolina or Indiana?

UK plays a lot of big-time games out of conference. This year, it had Kansas (Champions Classic) and St. John’s (SEC/Big East Challenge), and the traditional games with North Carolina, Indiana and Louisville.

But with the SEC possibly adding two games to the conference schedule, Calipari is rethinking how many premier out-of-conference games his young teams can play. That many games, he said, puts the program at risk. From his website:

What I mean by that is this program is too important to over-schedule based on the roster turnover that I believe will continue to happen. You cannot put this program at risk, not with our turnover and roster. You CANNOT over-schedule and put yourself in that position.

With that being said, here is where I want the help of the Big Blue Nation. If we had to – and this doesn’t mean we have to at this point because we still have 16 league games – but if we had to drop one series and there were no other options, who would it be? Would it be North Carolina, Indiana or Louisville?

What’s best for our program? What helps up maintain the gold standard?!?!

This will be an interesting dialogue. I know who I would vote for.

Interesting dialogue indeed. Calipari has been a proponent of having a strong schedule. But with two additional conference games a possibility (although he has said he hopes the SEC doesn’t add games), it appears he’s starting to think it may be too much. Especially when he doesn’t perceive the payoff as being worth it.

“Last year we played a ridiculous schedule and they gave us a four seed,” Calipari said last week, “so none of it really matters.”

So who should it be? My vote, without knowing the logistics of any contracts UK might have with any of the teams, is Indiana. I don’t think anyone would vote to get rid of Louisville. That game’s too vital, for a multitude of reasons. And the UK-North Carolina game is too enjoyable year in and year out.

Which leaves Indiana, a team that has been lackluster for the past few years. Although Calipari said Indiana would likely be back among the elite within the next few years, he’s also good friends with Indiana head coach Tom Crean. My views may be colored by me being 21 years old. I don’t really remember Indiana’s prime years. I do know those games haven’t been among those UK fans look forward to the most.

So if one of those teams has to be cut, let the Hoosiers go.

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Cal shouldn’t act so scared. He brings in the best recruiting class each year. So I say keep them all. The kids deserve to play those games. They signed up for big time basketball. So give it to them. Adding Mizzu and Texas A&M wont make much difference anyway.

Keep all three. Re-institute the Ky Invitational. Three year deal. All 4 teams. Rotate the lead game for one game each among the field. Earn the right to play each other in second round. Cut out podunk games to adjust. May be some in the conference. Real teams play real competition.

I’m in favor of keeping them all and getting rid of one of the smaller schools as has been suggested already. I believe quality opponents help our team to grow and improve moreso than a 40 point win. And for those that don’t remember and will say we’ll probably beat IU beat 40, a school with their tradition will not remain an easy win for long. Crean is a quality coach and will have that team giving us problems sooner rather than later.

I believe we should keep all three teams in our schedule rotation.
We need to keep playing in the pre-conference tournaments because the other “power teams” do also and are great for our guys.
So let’s cut a Portland or Radford type game(s) instead.
I also take a great deal of pride in showing Indiana what a real coach is like. No need to throw chairs to win games!

Just a few weeks ago Cal was welcoming super conferences and wanted the SEC to go to 16 teams. He welcomed A & M with open arms….and now…..the SEC is killing us. What gives??? We still have the option of filling our schedule with push-overs or with top level teams. Our choice….. GO CATS #1 IN MY HEART, AND IN THE POLLS.

Get rid of Indiana. They got by with playing neutral court games in Louisville (even split) and Indianapolis (95% Indiana) for far too long. They have insulted the Cats far too often. Boob Knight is enough reason to drop them. Then there’s the “I hate UK” comment from a former coach I won’t mention because I don’t want people to remember him. Plus there’s having to play in that cracker box in Bloomington now. Indiana is history. Indiana is low class. Indiana stinks. Drop them like a rock.

I vote to remove Indiana, it was a good ride while it lasted, however,
NC and Louisville are the teams we love to hate !!

Get rid of NC. Indiana and Ky is too traditional to drop. The two teams after UCLA with the most National Championships and multiple NC winning coaches should meet every year. NC and Duke do not match IN yet.

I don’t see the need to get rid of any of these 3 games. The SEC is not good enough in hoops to get the cats ready. If something has to go, get rid of trips to places like Maui, Connecticut, NYC, or Cancun. Playing ODU and Penn State 1000 miles away is silly. Or get rid of Radford instead.

The Louisville and North Carolina games are the fan favorites of the whole season. Indiana will be a good program again as well. All 3 get the cats ready for the post-season. There are many years where the SEC does not have any teams as good as UNC or Louisville (except for Kentucky of course).