Calipari extends invite to all ex-UK players in the NBA

This isn’t anything new, but after the lockout began on July 1, John Calipari officially extended an invitation to any former Cat to come back to Lexington.

The lockout prohibits NBA players from using team facilities, meaning they will be looking for other places to work out. That could include the Joe Craft Center.

“I reached out to every former Wildcat that’s in the NBA dealing with this lockout to tell them our facility is available to train if needed,” Calipari tweeted. “If they want to finish up some school work while in Lexington, we will help with that as well. We just want to make sure all our players know that it’s all about family here at UK. #WeAreUK #LaFamilia.”

Players could, conceivably, be student assistants and practice with the team. But to do so, they would have to be full-time students, and Calipari wrote back in May that he didn’t expect many to take that route.