NBA Draft lottery links

As we prepare for the Great Ping-Pong Ball Sweepstakes that could decide a team’s history (but maybe not), here’s some links to get you set for it before the 8:30 start.

  • Over at ESPN, 5 writers (from various blogs, not the headliners) took part in an NBA Draft roundtable. Three of them had Enes Kanter as needing to be in the top-3 picks, and the other two didn’t have Kanter included but did have Brandon Knight as a top-3 pick. Additionally, three picked Knight as the player they most would have wanted to see stay at school another year, to see him develop more as a true point guard, although they conceded it was a sound financial decision for him. Go check it out.
  • The ESPN mock lottery, programmed by Chad Ford, has some serious re-playability. It takes the chances of every team winning the lottery and then mock drafts players accordingly. Some scenarious that kept cropping up: Enes Kanter to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto Raptors, or Washington Wizards. The Wizards scenario is easily the most enticing, simply for the John Wall pairing, but it also seems a feasible one; if the selection order followed percentage chances, Washington would be picking fourth. Derrick Williams seems to be going ahead of Kanter to any team that needs a big. Knight is consistently going in the 7-10 range, with a high of 3 to the Kings, but a wide variety of teams have “taken” him. Go simulate a couple rounds yourself.
  • If you missed it, TNT’s David Aldridge ranks Enes Kanter the No. 2 center in the draft and Josh Harrellson No. 3, prompting my article on how their practice dynamic ended up benefiting both. However, no mocks I’ve seen have Harrellson taken.
  • DeAndre Liggins goes No. 56 to the Lakers in’s mock and in late Round 2 by
  • Back to ESPN, because they’re killing draft coverage at 2:30 a.m., they have these little video game-like icons of player traits, such as this for Enes: