Fight breaks out at Tolly Ho, five hospitalized

By Gary Norwood Hermann

A fight at a popular off-campus restaurant put five people in the hospital early Sunday.

Lexington Police responded to Tolly Ho after receiving reports of a “rather large fight” at 3:12 a.m., Lt. Chris Van Brackel said.

Police arrested two people for disorderly conduct.

“Five people were sent to the hospital with head injuries,” Van Brackle said. “A couple of employees went to the hospital, but no UK students were injured.”

Of the employees that went to the hospital, one suffered broken ribs while the other received staples in his head, Van Brackel said. All five victims were released from the hospital Sunday.

Alcohol was a likely factor, Van Brackel said. Police are investigating to see if weapons were involved.
Several Holmes Hall residents witnessed the aftermath of the altercation.

“There was a girl stumbling outside holding her side,” sophomore Decora Martin said. “There was a man holding the side of his head with blood running down it.”

Martin counted 22 police cars, two fire trucks and three ambulances.

Tolly Ho declined comment.

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1.the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness.
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I dont know if anyone noticed but in the tolly ho video there is not a white person there. And to these idiots from detroit…stay there if you can control yourselves and actually act like civilized human beings. Detroit is a crap hole for a reason. This is off topic but someone should write an article on why the DIVERSITY club is literally the least diverse club on campus.