Dunn pleads not guilty to arson

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon member charged in an arson incident over the weekend plead not guilty to multiple charges on Wednesday in Fayette County District Court.

Sean Dunn plead not guilty to first degree arson, first degree wanton endangerment and first degree tampering with physical evidence.

The national SAE fraternity has closed the UK chapter while an investigation proceeds by both the national fraternity and UK Police into the incident.

The UK chapter has revoked Dunn’s membership. His next court date is April 7.

first of all Lace dont talk about waht you dont know and second of all Minerva you are exactly what everyone hates about SAE…just read your comments back to yourself and see how much of a fool you sound like…..

HAHA I’m an SAE alum and once had sex with 3 girls while driving down Nicholasville road how many of you losers can say that? SAE will be back better than ever, and even while they are kicked off campus they will still be getting more ass than any of you. As another great alum once put it we are “ASS CRUSHING MACHINES!!!”… nothing is going to change… in fact it just gives us one more thing to use to pick up your girlfriend with and bone her in the bathroom of twokeys. Thanks to our great alumni we not only will be back on campus but will have better jobs than you in 10 years. So I suppose you should enjoy this humerus bump in the road right now while we just sit back and laugh our asses off.

Arson is a far stretch, especially when he put out the fire once he quickly sobered up. Drunk, disorderly and stupid all misdemeanors. Gee wish I could have some of the stuff they smoke and drink, oh yeah the UK Police took all that stuff, guess it is in the evidence locker ?

Countless hours Sean and Joe put in? That’s funny! Instead of volunteering at Dance Blue these 2 morons were getting drunk, catching someone on fire and punching a Cop. Not to mention the fact both these guys are complete douchebags! How many members does SAE at UK have? 150? I saw a total of 4 total at Dance Blue! The only volunteering they do is when a Sorority is involved because they think they’ll get sum

@Lace: I agree with Bobby, and I’m pretty sure he did not mean his comments to go toward the entire Greek population, but the SAE house specifically. My line of work involves contact with all types of dorms, frats, sororities, and off-campus houses/apartments, and the guys at SAE were by far the most inconsiderate and rude. My coworkers and I all rejoiced when we heard we would no longer have to deal with the SAE house!

@bobby, your girlfriend is being a big baby, as a grad student at UK, who went to undergrad at UK, who has recently had her house broken into (Yes, I bought my own house without my parents money, and I was in a sorority – who wouldve guessed we can stand on our own!) by a very bad person, there are MUCH worse people in the world than SAE. Trust me. Did your girlfriend really believe they would run out and snatch her like the boogeyman? She should be more worried about the homeless trolling around campus.

I’m not saying that what happened was in any way okay, however, let’s stay away from the mean greek references. EVERYONE does something that wasn’t necessarily on the up and up while in undergrad. Even those not in greek life. Get a grip.

@Seth: not not mad, just glad. Glad this guy gets what he deserves. Hope he has a cheerful spring break too. lol lol lol

Weird week at UK!! Guy is robbed while buying drugs behind Cooperstown apartments and someone was caught on fire. Is it even considered a crime if you were robbed while buying drugs?

I’m sure both these guys will receive plea bargains and serve little or no Jail time. But the word is both will no longer be students at UK after this semester.

His Jail mugshot will not help his cause a bit. Looks like he could care less about being charged with serious crimes. Laughing and cursing at the Police and Jail staff will really look unfavorable on him in Court.

If this guy does decide to go to trial, he’ll probably be spending the majority of his adult life in Jail. Especially with the 3 Felonies and the possibility of multiple counts of Wanton Endangerment. I just hope the Prosecutor doesn’t cut some deal and only give this moron only Probation.

He better make a plea real quick. Prosecutors office is talking about charging him with 42 counts of Wanton Endangerment or how many occupants there was in the house. This guy could be looking at a LONG prison sentence!!!

I think i speak for the majority of students st UK when i say i am ecstatic about SAE being off campus. I know the deans will crack and they will be back in 2011 while if this had been any other fraternity they would already be gone for good. Please look above the money for once in the name of your student body…… So, now we can have a little peace withouth kids like this thinking they are special because of their parents money. I no longer have to meet my girlfriend and her car on rose because she is scared to walk by their house by herself. good riddance and kernel dont be biased if you are going to delete messages on this topic you need to do it on all topics.

The Kernel just like the Todd Administration has been pressured into censoring anything negative about S.A.E. Like the last article where there was over 400 comments. Some how they were all deleted in a 5 minute period. What ever happened to freedom of speech

Why do you allow foul language on other topics but on the previous article about this incident, all the comments were removed except a choice few? Just read the coal article and there is foul language. Is someone afraid of someone that is dealing with this situation.

I agree. He’ll plead guilty in a couple weeks to a much lessor charge. Or he could take it to a Jury Trial where he could be looking at 20 plus years in Jail. If I was him I’d take a plea bargain. But by looking at his Jail Mugshot I’m not sure he’s the smartest kid

Not to mention the multiple statements from people there including a female who said she told Dunn not to light it and he laughed like a mad man and set the guy on fire. Also, why the hell did Dunn give the Police a full confession and admit guilt to the incident. Has he never heard of “right to remain silent” ?

Good luck with that!! I’m guessing 6 weeks from now he’ll plead guilty to a lesser charge and serve 2 years probation with no Jail time. Bad news is he’ll probably be expelled from UK after this semester.