New York Daily News reports Calipari a candidate for Nets job

The New York Daily News is reporting that UK head coach John Calipari is on the New Jersey Nets' radar as a possible head coaching candidate.

Apparently, now it’s John Calipari’s turn.

After rumors swirled Thursday that Louisville head coach Rick Pitino was interested in the head coaching position of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets, now the New York Daily News is reporting the Nets have interest in UK head coach John Calipari.

The story says that Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski is the Nets’ top candidate but Calipari is on the team’s radar.

Calipari coached the Nets for about two-and-a-half seasons after leaving the University of Massachusetts in 1996. Calipari compiled a 72-112 record at the Nets, and led them to a second-place finish in the Atlantic Division and the playoffs in 1998.

The Daily News story lists Calipari as a candidate on the Nets’ radar partly because he is currently coaching freshman guard John Wall, the likely No. 1 pick in this summer’s NBA Draft. Because the Nets currently own the worst record in the league at 4-48, they have a 25 percent chance of winning the No. 1 pick in the draft.

The Daily News? Then it’s gotta be true!

Unlike the Pitino story, which was attributed to the Nets head office, this is just a local sportswriter’s musings. Sort of like last year when I said we should get Pat Riley. Riiight …

if cal were smart he’d take the nets job. that way it would get him out of paying wall, cousins, etc. b/c the nets would take care of that!!!

Lol, Calipari is not “smarter” than that, his dumbass will take the job because he got his ass kicked in recruiting. He lost his two best recruiters and it is already showing. Pastner recruited all his studs he has now and if you try and deny that then you are hopeless

Can you say UK has already “Been there and done that” and look where it got that coach…back in Kentucky and far from being #1 in college basketball. I think Calipari is smater than that.