False reports of local immigration roadblocks

News Staff

A rumor has been circulating that police roadblocks in Lexington this weekend will be targeting immigrants.

According to Lexington Police Public Information Officer Brenna Angel, there will not be roadblocks in Lexington this weekend.

“Lexington Police do not ask what a person’s immigration or citizenship status is,” Angel said.

The roadblocks were rumored to be at the following locations:

  • US 25 at the Fayette County
  • US 25 at the US 460 Bypass
  • US 25 at Delaplain
  • US 62 at 421
  • US 62 at Gunnell Rd.
  • US 62 at I-64
  • US 460 at Newtown Pike
  • US 32 at US 25
  • KY 227 at Bond Pike
  • KY 227 at 368
  • 1963 at Lisle Rd.
  • 1963 at Lemons Mill Rd.

The information was cited to “a Scott Co. source familiar with law enforcement,” according to the document posted on Facebook. Scott Co. posted a response on Facebook that condemned the use of social media to spread false information.

The post can be found at https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=Scott%20County%20ky%20Sheriff’s%20Office.