Cats sweep Auburn after slow start


Madison Lilley sets up a spike during the match against Texas A&M on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 in Lexington, Ky. Kentucky won 3-0. Photo by Chase Phillips | Staff

Keyera Jackson

After being down early in the first set against the Auburn Tigers, Kentucky volleyball unleashed its powerful hitters for a comeback and a 3-0 sweep against the Tigers.

The efficiency and tough mentality of the Cats is how they managed to come back from a 11-7 deficit in the first set. 

The Tigers were able to get Kentucky out of its system early, but the Cats took advantage of hitting errors by the Tigers, and it started with Madison Lilley and her ability to get the ball to the right hitters at the right time.

Lilley was quickly able to get Leah Edmond going as she posted 20 kills for the match. Kaz Brown recorded 12 kills of her own and Darien Mack posted eight.

After these three hitters got hot, Kentucky slowly started to get back into its system, and the team began to run a more efficient offense.

The set was in reach of one between the two teams, but the Cats were able to get their hitters in the air for one-on-one match ups and it was difficult for Auburn to defend.

Going into the second set, Auburn was determined to compete and the team did just that by starting on a 4-0 run and slowing Kentucky’s offense.

Once again Kentucky was down early to Auburn, and the Tigers had their own hitters as well who were connecting to the floor for big plays.

Auburn had five players who posted five or more kills. The Tigers were selective in their hitters, trying to use multiple hitters to throw Kentucky off their game.

The two teams kept this set tight within score, but Kentucky pulled ahead with a kill by Edmond, making the score 22-20, and they kept that momentum to finish the second set. 

The third set is when Kentucky unleashed the hot hitting hand on multiple hitters, and they controlled the net on both ends of the floor.

Not only was Kentucky’s offense in rhythm, but the blocks at the net were another key element for the Cats in maintaining their lead of 10-5 over the Tigers.

Auburn was not backing down and their hitters continued to deliver hard-hitting balls while taking advantage of errors.

A kill from Edmond stretched the score to 19-12, and then errors by the Tigers allowed Kentucky to run away with the lead and close the final set. 

Next up, the Cats will take on Georgia on Friday, Nov. 17 at 7 p.m.