UK football, UK HealthCare commercials during Super Bowl cost $24,000 each


Kentucky Wildcats running back Benny Snell Jr. (26) walks off after a play during the Governor’s Cup game against Louisville at Kroger Field on Saturday, November 25, 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Arden Barnes | Staff

Bailey Vandiver

While the whole country watched Tide and Doritos commercials, Super Bowl viewers in the Lexington area also saw UK football and UK HealthCare commercials at halftime.

Each 60-second spot cost $24,000, which was paid respectively by UK Athletics and UK HealthCare, both of which are self-sustaining financially, said UK spokesperson Jay Blanton. 

UK football has had a Super Bowl ad each year since 2012, while this is the second consecutive year for UK HealthCare’s ad.

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UK Athletics Director of Strategic Communication Guy Ramsey said the “timing and circumstances” of a Super Bowl ad are good for UK football. 

“The Super Bowl coincides with the first phase of the offseason, which is when we begin to craft the theme for the upcoming season,” Ramsey said. “Since the Super Bowl is the showcase event for the sport of football, we believe introducing the theme at that time makes perfect sense.”

Ramsey said there is no other time when the audience for the ad would be so large. Because the ad aired only in the Lexington market, the cost is “affordable,” he said.

The ad was posted on UK football’s social media platforms soon after it aired.

Ramsey said UK Athletics does not yet know the production cost of the commercial because the program has not been billed yet.

Football is the only UK sport that has ever had a Super Bowl ad, but local ads have run around other major events. For example, UK baseball has had an ad during the World Series for the last two years, Ramsey said.

UK HealthCare Director of Digital and Brand Strategy Julia Balog said the funds for all UK HealthCare marketing efforts, including this ad, come from clinical revenues.

The Super Bowl ad featured “the amazing breakthrough work of UK researchers, physicians, nurses and staff,” Balog said.

“By advertising in programming where viewers are captivated by the content and remain engaged during the commercial breaks, we’re effectively able to share our story with the Lexington designated market area,” Balog said.

UK HealthCare also tweeted its ad after it aired.