UPDATE: Man arrested, charged with murder in Maxwelton Court homicide case


Chase W. Helvey, 24, was arrested on Thursday, March 29 in connection with a homicide on Maxwelton court that occured on Sunday, March 25. 

Kernel News Staff

UPDATE: Lexington Police announced Thursday afternoon that a man has been arrested in connection with the homicide that occurred on Maxwelton Court. 

Chase W. Helvey, 24, of Lexington, has been charged with murder, first degree assault, kidnapping and tampering with physical evidence, Lexington Police spokesperson Brenna Angel said via press release. 

On Sunday, James D. Potter, 36, of Richmond, drove his car into a UK-owned building on Maxwelton Court. UKPD responded to the scene and found Potter and a 29-year-old woman. Both were transported to the hospital with severe injuries.

UKPD turned the investigation over the Lexington Police Monday after they determined that Potter and the woman were assaulted prior to the collision.

Helvey allegedly assaulted the woman at his Maxwelton Court home prior to the collision. She attempted to flee with Potter, but Potter was allegedly shot by Helvey during the escape, police said.

Potter died Thursday from his injuries.

Maxwelton Court is across the street from the UK College of Law on Limestone.