The best Valentine’s Day music list


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Autumn Miller

Must Haves for Your Valentine’s Day Playlist:

In a relationship or not, these tracks will get you in the Valentine’s Day mood.

I’ve never been the type to sit around on Valentine’s Day and mope about how I’m single on a day meant for lovers. I take Valentine’s Day as a day to appreciate the people in my life and celebrate the relationships that I do have. One of the things I do to celebrate is have the perfect playlist for the occasion. A good Valentine’s Day playlist should be filled with feel-good tracks that put you in a lovey mood.

The first two songs are for the girl gangs celebrating Galentine’s Day instead of Valentine’s. If there’s one song that screams “better off without you” it’s for sure Ariana Grande’s ‘thank u, next.’ This catchy – almost breakup song – broke records by being the most played song on Spotify in a single day. One flaw I know I have is always giving someone a second chance (or maybe a third and fourth too.) Ariana preaches about all of the good things her exes did for her and what she learned from the experiences she had with them. If you’ve been through a breakup recently and are looking for a way to recover – play ‘thank u, next’ on full blast. You can be on your way to recovery and on your way to the next adventure or person that life has in store for you.

The best way to kick the Valentine’s Day blues when you’re single is to spend it with your friends. Foster The People’s ‘I Love My Friends’ is the perfect track to play in the car with your friends this Valentine’s Day. Put the energy you’re wanting to put into a relationship into something you already have. You can always spread the love without having a significant other. This upbeat track can put you in a better mood if you’re feeling lonely.

I do have a song for those of you in relationships, but not exactly your traditional slow dance in the kitchen type of love song. LANY has more recently been known for emotional breakup songs. The song ‘like you lots’ is featured on their EP “kinda”. This song would be the perfect way to let someone know how you feel on Valentine’s Day. The retro beat and fast pace sound are unlike most love songs. You’re able to dance, clap and sing along while still feeling the love portrayed through lead singer Paul Joseph Klein’s voice. The song makes me want to have a crush on someone just because of the cute lyrics. When you’re with your significant other this holiday, make sure to let them know where your heart is.

If you’re spending this Valentine’s Day alone, with friends, or with a special someone, just make sure you’re filled with love. The day isn’t just for those who have dates; it’s a day to show the people you love how much you care about them. And now you have a few good songs to get you through the day.