SG tables Senate president’s request

At a Student Government committee meeting last night, seven student organizations’ funding requests were approved. One request, however, was not approved.

The Appropriations and Revenue Committee tabled, or delayed voting on, a Senate special project to provide funds for a “Support the Troops” event. A&R Chair Jesse Parrish tabled the request because there was not enough information, he said.

Senate President Tyler Montell sponsored the legislation and was not at the meeting to explain his project. Montell said he regrets that the request did not go through.

“If anything it was miscommunication,” Montell said. “I should have been there and followed through.”

All Senate special projects must go through the A&R committee before reaching the full Senate, but senators sponsoring projects do not have to attend the committee meeting. Montell said this is to simplify the procedure.

“We wanted to generate interest and make the process as easy as it can be while still being effective,” Montell said. “We are still working on the process.”

Student organizations can receive SG funding through grants or Senate special projects. Grants require an organization to write out a request and present it at the A&R meeting. If approved, A&R reimburses the group for the approved amount.

Senate special projects involve a senator working closely with a particular organization and creating legislation to request funding. The legislation must pass through A&R before moving to the full Senate. The senators must then present their project on the full Senate floor, which is why Montell said senators do not have to present at A&R meetings.

Although Montell did not go to the committee meeting to support his project, he said it would be beneficial for senators to follow their legislation from beginning to end.

“A senator has the opportunity to be at the committee meeting, but they have to make a presentation to the full Senate anyway,” Montell said. “I want to start encouraging senators to go to A&R meetings, though.”

The Internal Relations Committee also met last night and approved the recommendations of two amendments to the SG constitution and two confirmations for SG positions.

First-year dentistry student Elliot Neuman was confirmed as nominee for the College of Dentistry senator, and Joe Garramone was confirmed as nominee for Senate clerk. The full Senate must approve the nominations before the two can assume these positions.

The proposed amendments updated information about the Leadership Development Program and changed the Graduate Senate Seats requirements.

The committee tabled a piece of legislation confirming 20 executive nominations. Ten out of the 20 were at the meeting, but Internal Relations Chair Tom Rauf decided to table the legislation until each nominee met with the committee. The committee will meet again Tuesday to vote on the legislation. If passed, it will move to the full Senate.