Use free speech area for peaceful activities

There is more to hear than hate. So why is it that hate seems to be the only voice dedicated to its cause enough to crawl out of bed at dawn, organize its legions, and make its way to spew vile and vomit on the students of UK?

Nearly every day of this new school year, radical Christians have dominated the free speech area. In contrast to the peaceful tone of Jesus Christ, these “ministers” are screaming at passing students about how sinful it is to wear shorts and a tank top, be gay, or drink a beer!

The free speech area is available 24 hours a day, on a first-come, first-served basis, and the sound system is available with a short 30-minute notification.

It is embarrassing that messages of peace, hope and unity fall silent to apathy. I challenge all my fellow students to turn off their iPods and tune into to what is happening on campus.

Not many of us would enter our favorite store having our sensibilities, morals and intelligence insulted and mocked without complaining to management! So why are we as consumers of higher education accepting this harassment?

Free speech is not harassment. However, when “ministers” single out and accost innocent passers-by, telling them prostitutes dress better and that their choice of clothing is sending them to hell, free speech has crossed the line. It becomes personal.

As co-president of the Social Work Association, I am challenging not only my student group but also yours to speak up and drown out the hate. Show up and read a book, have a sing-a-long, or stand there in silent protest of the war. For God’s sake, show up so the forked tongue of hate has no room to strike!

Troy Johnson

Social work senior