SG adviser focuses on registration revamps

For Todd Cox, there is no such thing as a typical day at the office.

“I may have a day where I’m working with Student Government on an event and the next I’m working to make sure student groups are re-registered,” Cox said. “It’s what I expected and more.”

Cox is the first Student Government adviser, as well as an assistant in the Office of Student Involvement, a position that was created in early August. For the first two months of his new job, Cox said he has been working to build relationships with students.

“I was hoping to work with students on a regular basis,” Cox said. “I’m very happy with the interaction I’ve had with SG and other student organizations.”

One of Cox’s main priorities is advocating for students, and he has done a tremendous job, said Rhonda Strouse, director of the Office of Student Involvement.

“He is committed to putting in the time to get to know the students and their needs,” Strouse said. “He just jumped right in.”

One project Cox said he has been focused on is improving registration for student groups.

“I’m revamping the registration process,” Cox said. “I’ve been looking at about five to seven schools and their processes. I want to streamline ours so it’s as easy as possible and as helpful as possible.”

SG President Nick Phelps said, as an adviser, Cox has helped SG to stay on the right track.

“A relationship and a trust has begun to develop,” Phelps said. “He is keeping us focused on our goals and our values, and really cleaned up the process.”

Having Cox as a liaison has been extremely helpful, Phelps said.

“He is able to communicate for us with administrators and faculty,” Phelps said. “It is making our work easier when trying to communicate across campus.”

The dedication Cox has shown has made SG more efficient, Phelps said.

“Anyone working on projects has seen how helpful he is,” Phelps said. “He’s been with us early in the morning and late at night.”

The lessons he learns in his job is something Cox said he applies in his personal life as well as on campus, something that he didn’t expect out of the job.

“The things I learn from the students I can bring home to my family,” Cox said. “That is an unexpected surprise.”

Cox said he wants to take his dual position and help organizations see themselves with different eyes.

“I want to help SG get to a place where the culture is one of high character,” he said. “And I want organizations to maximize the amount of their effectiveness.”