Cartoon promotes blonde stereotypes

The Kernel cartoonists are at it again. First the racial cartoon that stirred up the entire city of Lexington, not to mention the attention it received on campus. Then there were the Louisville church members that even protested. But surely that wasn’t enough for the Kernel to learn their lesson. Now, in the most recent Kernel cartoon, a blonde female is portrayed as having no brains, just like a scarecrow.

How many stereotypical cartoons will it take before the Kernel cartoonists learn that their drawings are offensive to those that they discriminate against? This is coming from a non-blonde, male perspective that still believes the cartoon displayed poor flavor.

Perhaps after a few more stereotypes are presented, maybe a cartoon about Jewish people being cheap or people of Hispanic descent being poor, the Kernel cartoonists will finally learn that a school newspaper is not the place to display their discriminatory thoughts. Granted, nothing could ever top white fraternity members bidding on a slave, but you could still try.

Mark Chupka

Chemistry freshman