Festival celebrates Hindu faith, culture

By Ross Bogue

The victory of good over evil is the focus of an annual event hosted by UK’s Indian Student Association tomorrow night.

Community members can attend Diwali Dhoom, also known as the Festival of Lights, from 6 to 10 p.m. tomorrow in Memorial Hall.

The celebration, a major Indian festival and ceremony of the Hindu faith, features music, dancing, singing and other events that showcase aspects of Indian culture.

“I just want people in the community to come out and have fun while learning a little bit about our culture,” said ISA President Pooja Vijaygopal, a biomedical engineering graduate student. “What people don’t even realize is that we are a very large community on campus with over 300 students involved in the ISA as well as over 400 families in the Lexington community.”

However, Diwali Dhoom is not just for people involved in Lexington’s Indian community.

“I want people from all different associations to show up with diversity in mind and be able to enjoy this celebration,” said ISA member Arthi Vasudevan.

Vasudevan, an electrical engineering graduate student, said she hopes Diwali Dhoom will help spread awareness about diversity on UK’s campus to students.

“This is not just a festival for Indians by Indians,” Vasudevan said. “It is being hosted by Indians, but I want other cultures to come and be able to appreciate it.”

The ISA welcome anyone looking to have a good time Saturday evening regardless of religious beliefs, Vasudevan said.

“Diwali Dhoom does not just incorporate Hindu beliefs,” she said. “The festival celebrates the good over evil of all mankind.”

Student Government, the Office of Student Diversity Engagement and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs are also helping host Diwali Dhoom.

Tickets for the event, which includes a dinner, are $15 and are available at the door or in advance by contacting Pooja Vijaygopal at [email protected] or (859) 576-1163.