SG to look at online voting expansion

Student Government created two ad hoc committees at last night’s full Senate meeting.

One was a committee to design a proposal concerning online voting for the spring SG elections. Senate President Tyler Montell said there is a genuine need to discuss the option of online voting.

“If we’re not making the most technologically sensible choice, then we are behind, and so is the student body,” Montell said.

Currently the SG election act allows voting only from designated polling computers in the spring elections. Last week’s freshman Senate elections, when students could vote online from anywhere, were an exception.

There might be some opposition to the proposal to possibly expand online voting, but Montell said the legislation the committee will write should reflect what is best for students.

“Some people might have problems and think it will dilute the integrity of the elections,” Montell said. “But if it makes it easier for students to vote and voice their concerns, then that takes precedence.”

The other committee formed last night would be responsible for planning the next Southeastern Conference Exchange, which UK will be hosting. The planning committee will work to create an agenda for the event, a three-day conference of student government members from universities in the Southeast.

Four SG members attended the SEC Exchange at the University of Mississippi in the last weekend of October. The Senate unanimously passed a resolution thanking Ole Miss for hosting the program. Sen. Jackie Colgate sponsored the resolution and said the program was a great experience.

“It was a really unique opportunity,” Colgate said. “About six or seven other SGs were there exchanging ideas and talking about the way things work.”

Another piece of legislation on the agenda was an act confirming Beau Baustien as the SG attorney general. Baustien, a first-year law student, was unanimously confirmed for the position.

The Senate passed a Senate special project granting $861.20 to the UK Student Nurses’ Association. The project will pay for representatives from the association to attend a conference in Kansas City, Mo. Sen. Jacob Adams sponsored the project and said the conference was a “helpful tool” to assist the group’s members in advancing in their field.