Leaders must hear students’ opinions on logging

I have just returned to UK after studying abroad for a semester, and I am dumbfounded at what I have discovered upon returning. UK and our Student Government president are making a very serious error in the management of Robinson Forest. They shouldn’t even have to stop and think about halting a project that will destroy something as special and irreplaceable as a forest.

I am in complete disbelief that President Lee Todd and the Board of Trustees think they have heard we students’ voices and have given our opinions even one iota of the attention they deserve. I am even more appalled to read the apathetic, spineless words of SG President Nick Phelps that I read in the Tuesday Kernel. Isn’t he supposed to be the most powerful voice we have as students?

It’s time for everyone on this campus that has ever wanted the opportunity to speak for the forest to step up and show the two presidents and the Board of Trustees that the trees of Robinson Forest are spoken for. Call offices, write letters, put pressure on our SG president and come before the next board meeting on March 4 to show your support. How can UK ever go green if we strip away so much of the green we’ve got?

Laura Seithers

Linguistics and Spanish senior