Is a diversity VP worth the salary costs?

I am writing in regards to the mass e-mail from President Lee Todd announcing the hiring of Judy “J.J.” Jackson as “the university’s first vice president for institutional diversity.” I feel I must applaud President Todd and UK administrators not only for recognizing the dire need for such a position, but especially for the courage it must have taken to add Dr. Jackson to the payroll despite severely minimized funding from the commonwealth. I am proud that UK has avoided making a short-sighted and politically convenient hiring decision that could jeopardize Kentucky’s intellectual growth and emergence as a national economic leader in the coming twentieth century.

But please, do not thank me for all this praise! I speak on behalf of all UK students, especially the undergraduates who toil relentlessly to further their educations, often working degrading nighttime jobs and taking out loans from dubious lenders. It is very rewarding to know that our hard-earned tuition dollars will soon be going to Dr. Jackson’s salary as compensation for her illustrious career experience, which, according to a Google search, includes her invaluable doctorate in administration, planning, and social policy.

Here’s to you, Mrs. First Vice President for Institutional Diversity!

Dwight Nagel

English sophomore