Kernel’s ‘doodle space’ a waste of paper

I have been deeply disappointed with the quality of the Kernel of late, specifically, the replacement of the daily crossword puzzle with the asinine, space-wasting trio of doodle space, dots, and tic-tac-toe boards.

What demographic is served by this half-page monstrosity? Who, exactly, manages to bring no blank paper to their classes, yet yearns to play tic-tac-toe, a game most children quickly tire of, a dozen times? Dots, at least, can be an intellectual exercise, given a worthy opponent, but it seems likely that such an opponent would have the ability to draw a grid of equally spaced dots. I postulate that this demographic is similarly unlikely to bring a writing utensil, or, for that matter, attend classes at all.

The crossword puzzle demands not only logical but also lateral thinking, as well as a good vocabulary. Are these not skills which should be encouraged in university students? At the very least, fill the space up with advertisements and make some extra money instead of encouraging the behavior of the lowest common denominator.

Tom Dodson

Computer science, and electrical and computer engineering senior