Gun bill should be put to vote in legislature

I’m writing in response to the article “UK opposes allowing guns in cars” in Wednesday’s Kernel.

First, Student Government President Nick Phelps asserted, “I’ve heard no complaints, no upset people over not being allowed to have guns on campus. So when it comes to a question of need, I just don’t see the need for allowing it.” I’m afraid I must assume that Mr. Phelps is either ignorant of campus issues or pushing his own agenda, as there was a student protest against the weapons ban on campus last semester. This protest received widespread news coverage and triggered a university-wide e-mail by UK President Lee Todd. I find this lack of knowledge unacceptable in a SG president.

It would seem that an attitude similar to Mr. Phelps’ is reflected by Rep. Kathy Stein and President Todd, as House Bill 114, which would allow people to keep concealed guns in their cars while parked on campus and on other university property, has received extensive support both among the politicians and the populace.

I think it is time this matter be allowed to be put to a vote in the legislature. If Rep. Stein and our other leaders are really concerned whether the will of the people is being followed, have the matter put to a voter referendum. As leaders of government and government-run organizations, they have a responsibility to listen to the wishes of the voting population.

Matthew Sparks

Computer engineering freshman