Calls for Phelps’ resignation are baseless

After reading the recent Kernel articles encompassing the controversy over an e-mail sent from UK Student Government President Nick Phelps to a select few of his friends, I feel compelled to share my disgust with the latest diversity outcry on campus and the outright irrational and idiotic assault being waged on Phelps.

While I could spend quite some time debating the validity of the e-mail being offensive to some (for reasons I have yet to understand), my purpose for writing this letter is to shed light on the absurdity surrounding the personal attacks on a great leader.

First of all, Phelps did not author the message; he simply forwarded it on to a few of his friends and fellow student leaders. I have read the e-mail multiple times, and I have yet to figure out how people can accuse him of being anti-Muslim or a bigot full of hate.

It sounds like the very people screaming for diversity don’t truly understand the meaning of the word. Maybe if they would practice what they are so quick to preach, then this world would be in a much better situation than it is at this time.

And, anyone who knows anything about our country knows that we are under attack from radical Muslims (jihadists) who want nothing more than to see the United States completely destroyed. If that doesn’t bother you, then you have no business being in our country.

Secondly, the call for Phelps to be impeached or censured is utterly ridiculous, especially considering the leading voice of this movement, UK College Democrats President Robert Kahne, has been entangled in ethical and offensive displays of opinion made public just a few short years ago. Kahne’s attempt to infiltrate an opponent’s headquarters to sabotage her campaign, as well as making comments in his blog about wanting to do something like the Spanish inquisition and kill all of the Republicans most definitely neither grants him a credible position in this debate nor the right to slander Phelps.

Seriously guys, grow up.

Amy Sagraves

Political science alumna