With their experience and dedication, Montell and Mills ready to lead SG

The final hours of my time in Student Government are getting close, as indicated by the passing of the filing deadline for the spring elections.

We had the usual amount of candidates registering for senate seats — which is good — but only one presidential ticket. Even considering that one campaign was disbanded by a ticket scandal and that SG presidential candidate Tyler Montell has reached out to many separate parties offering senate positions, it is disappointing to see no opposition. We lose the opportunity for debate and the sharing of ideas.

I took a lot away from my opponent and his campaign during the 2007 SG elections. I encourage Montell to turn the debates into forums where he can meet with many diverse groups and gain more ideas for his year as president.

I fully endorse Montell and his running mate Grant Mills for the top two leadership positions in SG. Both are personal friends, and Mills a fraternity brother, but I support them because of their leadership and dedication.

Together, the two of them have spent seven years on this campus learning the ins and outs. They have sacrificed countless personal benefits and privileges to make UK a better place, and they realize there is still work to be done.

I believe SG will face many obstacles in the coming year, and there are not two better-equipped student leaders to take SG and UK to new heights. They will face immense budget cuts and the problems that stem from them, and the truth is, Montell and Mills will have less to work with, but will be expected to accomplish more. And they should. My executive team and I will transition their team into the summer so they have the best opportunity to succeed, and I look forward to it.

On to the goodies, now: How about that Rally for Higher Education? More than 100 UK students came to show support within a crowd of hundreds of college students. It was a complete success, and the state legislators heard us loud and clear. Don’t worry though, we aren’t stopping here, I will continue to meet with legislators until they pass a budget (which doesn’t seem likely at this point) so that UK students are well represented. Look on campus as we continue our e-mail campaign and communication with the leaders in Frankfort.

DanceBlue was so great! Thanks to all of you who got out and helped; the support was unreal. In the past three years, DanceBlue has raised over $800,000. Those of you who were unable to participate in this year’s events, I hope you will find time to get involved next year. You can start now by applying for a position in the DanceBlue committee. Applications are located in room 106 in the Student Center.

I know you are missing copies of The New York Times and USA Today on campus since the free trial is over. But we are generating support through a referendum because we want the program to be larger and permanent at UK. For $2 a student, we can have papers for all students in machines across campus that require you to slide your student ID card to retrieve one. Pay attention to the Kernel for more information.

One last note, it is important that you stop by one of the four events planned for “Islam Awareness Week.” Tonight there is the Bangladesh Cyclone Reception at 6 at E.S. Goodbarn (Gorham Hall) to spread awareness about those who suffered from the cyclone and to support their recovery. There is a Facebook group with all the event details, so check it out!

Life is good. This time next week, I will be in the Caribbean thinking about each and every one of you. Have a safe break, get a tan and sleep in. Time to rest up before our final sprint. Keeneland is opening in just 30 days!

Nick Phelps is the president of UK Student Government. E-mail [email protected]