Summer leisure calls for some fun, free-flowing fashion

Seeing as how this is my first column and all, I figured I’d introduce my own fashion sensibilities with a top 5 fashion list I’ve collected for this hot, hot summer. When searching for inspiration for my own clothing choices, I like to look in quite polar places. First, I read (almost religiously, almost pathetically) as many fashion magazines as the shrapnel in my back pocket can afford. Then, after quenching my thirst for high fashion, which could never be pulled off here in our lovely Lexington, I hit the Internet to check out what stores have high fashion-inspired pieces that are more accessible to the normal gal (oh yes, I should mention this column is mostly geared toward the ladyfolk…sorry fellas). Then, I hit the streets and check out Goodwills, vintage stores, boutiques and (gasp!) even the mall to take what I saw on those glossy pages and tweak them at 325 degrees for 45 minutes until I’ve found a unique outfit that fits my own style. All that said, here’s the list of my favorite summer trends thus far:

  1. Hats. Give me a good fedora and I’ll show you a classic style that can always be reinvented. Hats in general are my favorite way to show off a bold personality. Whether it is a fedora, a newsboy cap, a beanie or even a printed headscarf, accessories on yer cranium add an edge to any outfit and give an air of confidence (which is the most fashionable thing one can sport).
  2. Gladiator sandals. Yes, yes, I know we all thought they were finished after last summer, but no! The gladiator sandal has been taken to new heights with straps reaching all the way up the calf that would give Kirk Douglas (or Russell Crowe, whichever reference point you prefer) a run for his money. This style is not for everyone because it is quite severe, but if you can pull it off then more power to you! I like to pair mine with a summer dress or cut-off jean shorts and a white t-shirt.
  3. One-piece bathing suits. A style that in 8th grade would have shamed me forever, is back with a vengeance. Though I don’t have the body to pull off the one-pieces that have a multitude of cutouts and are basically bikinis with one connector fabric, I love the innate sexiness of them. I also really like the 50s’ retro bathing suits that offer complete coverage with ruching to conceal even the worst case of love handles.
  4. Easy, breezy hair. Though I currently do not have long locks, I love the trend of the naturalist hairstyle. Short or long, this summer should be about kicking back and just hanging out on porches and drinking some brew while your hair is effortlessly fabulous. No muss, no fuss. Wake up in the morning, gasp at the state of your hair after sleeping in an un-air-conditioned home and then throw it up in a ponytail or leave it be because frankly, Scarlett, this summer we don’t give a hoot.
  5. Blouses. Though this style has just recently garnered attention from fashionistas around the globe, 60s- and 70s-inspired blouses have always been a favorite of mine because I can never get away with skin-tight tank tops (but kudos to those who can). Whether paired with an old pair of cut-offs or tucked into a skirt, blouses are feminine, easy to throw on, breathe well in the heat and are tres, tres belle.

After perusing my list, if you found something you liked or if you were horrified by my lack of proper grammar and structure, know that this summer is all about being you, whether you follow some trends or not. Naysayers beware, because as long as she loves the skin she’s in and the ornaments she adorns it with, no fabulous gal will ever need a top 5.