Accent fall with flowers and feathers

Just yesterday I returned from a little (and my very first – I know, can you believe it?) trip to THE New York City, and am only too excited to impart the knowledge I gained there to you, my fellow fashion mavens.

Because the summer is coming to an end (in the fashion world, that is – the fall lines are already out!), I thought it would be appropriate to give a heads-up on the fall fashions worth taking a look at and those that really aren’t worth your time.

The first trend I took notice of is feathers. Yes, feathers. They’re popping up all over the runways (and the streets) as a bodice to a formfitting dress or as drop earrings matched with turquoise and burnt red beads. Though it could verge on the side of costume, this is a style worth taking a second look at, trust me. Your best bet for strutting this style would be in the accessories. A feather headband is my favorite and gives an earthy and natural yet unique twist to your everyday outfit that will keep people curious.

Another fashion I noticed (and loved) was floral prints, which I saw in many manifestations. On Seventh Avenue, I found that florals were abounding in bold patterns splashed across dresses that reached just below the knee. In Greenwich Village I found florals were displayed in softer, vintage or vintage-inspired prints on breezy chiffon dresses and necklaces with an antique gold chain. Whichever way you choose to wear them, florals are definitely an investment worth making.

A style I wasn’t so keen on was the slouchy pants look. Though it looks fabulous on the runway and on stick-figure models, it isn’t a style that’s as accessible to the everyday woman. The most difficult thing about slouchy pants is that they have to fit just so, or the whole look is off. And to find a pair that fits right, you need to be willing to fork out the dough (which I found sadly, does not, in fact, grow on trees). I’d say stick with your boot-cut, slim-fit, skinny jeans or even belled jeans, which I heard are making a comeback! Can you say Cher circa Sonny and Cher?

The second trend I noticed I wasn’t too fond of was the return of the black pointy-toed high heel! Yes, we all own a pair (I know I most certainly do), but I was really enjoying the round-toed heels, flats and boots, and didn’t wish to return from my hiatus from black pointy heels for a long while. While they are sleek and professional, let’s have some more fun with our footwear! For this reason, I would suggest, if you do love sporting pointy heels, making them colorful! A deep crimson or a rich royal purple are all colors for the fall, so don’t be afraid to step out in them. And if heels aren’t for you at all, look into brown leather boots – they are all the rage and so comfy!

And again, whatever you do, whether you agree with my fashion ideals or not, make sure to wear what makes you feel best and most fabulous. Because it doesn’t matter how many runways strut whatever styles, real fashion mavens (such as yourselves) all know that true style is about just being you.