Flowy dress a summer must-have

At this very moment, sitting on my couch at God-Knows-What-Hour-In-The-A.M. (as my mum would call it), my fingers excitedly striking the keys, I find myself listening to The Go! Team’s “Huddle Formation” and being inspired to write what I’m sure is another enthralling installment of my formidable fashion column.

“Huddle Formation” is an upbeat, crazy, kick-your-sandals-off-and-dance-with-your-hands-in-the-air-while-sweating-profusely-due-to-extreme-fun-times kind of song that immediately reminds me of every drop of summer and makes me want to guzzle it all down again. Thus, this week’s fashion column is about what clothes are best to dance wildly in.

First and foremost, as can be imagined, there is nothing better to dance in than a summer dress.

  • DON’T: wear strapless dresses, you’ll have a hard enough time checking your flailing arms from slapping those huddled close to you, let alone have the time to watch for your little (or large – we don’t discriminate!) ladies from making an appearance.
  • DO: wear a free-flowing dress that hangs a fair amount of inches above the knees to show off those bronzed legs and yet still has enough cloth to twirl and jump up and down in.
  • JAM TO: “Mount Wroclai (Idle Days),” by Beirut.

Second, a necessity not only for the summer (and also for the upcoming fall) is a high-waisted skirt.

  • DON’T: wear skin-tight high-waisted skirts. Yes, they show off those incredible curves – but gracious! – those things don’t breathe and you have a very limited range of motion for well-deserved dancing after a long day’s work.
  • DO: wear high-waisted skirts that drape or float away from the body (ballerina-style, ya know?) that show off your moves when sashaying about the room.
  • DIG ON: “O Pobre Dos Dentes De Duros,” by Cidadao Instigado.

Finally, to add some spice to your moves, try some bracelets on for size.

  • DON’T: wear multiple bangles. Though they are fun, they are also quite loud when dancing wildly, and are actually (according to my close friends Elle and Harper’s Bazaar) going out of season.
  • DO: wear multi-stranded bands of beads or leather. They are not only easy to throw on (in singles or multiples) but they stay in place when you’re dancing with your one-and-only on a hot, summer night.
  • SWAY SLOWLY TO: -The Very Thought of You,- by Billie Holiday.

So there you have it: the best styles to dance in and the best music to do it to. Enjoy and I hope to see you on the dance floor!