Welcome and expect great things this year

With each year at the Kernel, there is a different staff and new set of ideas. Considering the paper is at least 120 years old, that’s a lot of ideas that have been generated.

But I think we’ve managed to come up with a few surprises.

At the end of last year, we started working to create a new home for www. Our design was outdated and frankly, couldn’t contain the multimedia content we were producing each week.

Now when you visit our corner of the Web, you will be a little more tempted to click “Bookmark.” Complete with interesting blogs, online maps, video, slideshows, interactive graphics and more stories, we are going to offer you more content, more often.

Our sports staff will be previewing all of this season’s football games in a quick video dialogue between our football reporters. As soon as the clock runs out, you can turn to www. to find the details you couldn’t see on your TV.

Speaking of sports, try clicking that new bookmark this Friday to see our special section online, complete with player profiles, season schedule, the best photos from last year and much more. If you’re still a fan of our print, don’t worry, it will be better than ever, too.

Aside from online, the Kernel plans to keep giving you the best coverage of campus news available. We created a few extra positions this year to help us give all students better coverage, such as a reporter just for Greeks and another to focus on what is going on in your particular college.

We hope that students will not only read the news, but become engaged. If you have a strong opinion, send it to us in a letter to the editor. We want to hear from you and get feedback. If you like a story, we want toknow. Hate it? Let us know, too.

This year’s staff is dedicating themselves to looking at the issues, and not just reporting, but asking “Why?” We plan to keep our paper loaded with interesting stories that go beyond what you’ve seen in the past.

I hope you’ll like some of the changes you’re going to notice in the Kernel.

My ultimate goal is to focus on the year ahead and give you the best paper possible every day. Let me know if you have ideas to help.