Cats Den offers free gaming to students

By Kelly Wiley

There are some things on campus that money can’t buy.

This week, the Cats Den is offering free gaming for students. David Kenney, a biology sophomore and service representative for the Cats Den, said they have had many students come out and participate.

“We have actually had a pretty good turnout because it’s been pretty busy so far,” Kenney said. “A lot of people seem to be taking advantage of it.”

Throughout the year the Cats Den offers different activities for students like bingo nights, pool tournaments and poetry slams. Kenney said some of the events are gaming and other events are entertaining, like the Comedy Caravan.

Kenney said the Cats Den offers students a place to come and get away from all the stress that college can put on you.

“I think just being friendly and welcoming is what the Cats Den experience is all about,” Kenney said.

In addition to the pool tables, table tennis and arcade games, Kenney said it is also a great place to relax. Along with big screen TVs, there are lounge chairs and tables for students to use for studying.

“It’s more like a lounge as well,” Kenney said. “It’s a great place to relax between classes and hang out and socialize with friends.”

After the free week of gaming, the Cats Den will go back to charging students to play the games. Kenney said pool tables are 50 cents per game, video games are $3 per hour and table tennis is free.

The free gaming will last through Thursday, but Kenney said they will offer free game play a few more times this year.