Todd’s State of University Address a broken record

If you’ve been on campus for more than 20 minutes, then someone has mentioned UK’s Top 20 Business Plan to you. Those who listened to President Todd deliver the State of the University Address realized it was the same old song and dance.

It is not that the plan is bad for UK. If successful, the plan has the potential to be great for both the state and the campus. And it’s good that Todd is focusing on things his administration can control while facing huge budget cuts — things like student retention and diversity.

But after years of hearing about the top 20 plan, surely there is something else going on with UK. Or, surely, notable progress can be reported outside of the annual college rankings. There’s so much more to UK than the Top 20 Business Plan, yet that’s all we ever hear. Let’s march on with the top 20 plan, but let’s also hear about some progress.

Of course, UK has information that proves they are progressing as a top-20 institution, including facts that they could easily recite in a heartbeat. Facts they have touted before. But every time the top 20 plan is mentioned, the same things are talked about over and over. Is there anything else to this plan? Is there anything else going on throughout this campus? Some of us may have heard the accomplishments, but what about the rest? What about the 4,000 true freshman?

Until there is something fresh, Todd’s speeches are just like hearing a record on repeat.