Students need to use what the library offers

A sigh of relief reverberated across UK’s campus last week as the university announced W.T. Young Library would once again be open 24 hours a day Sunday through Thursday, beginning Oct. 19.

Students, who were stunned when the library trimmed its hours earlier in the semester, cried out to student leaders on campus and staff at the library for their always-available resources to be returned to them.

But when students questioned the reasoning behind the library’s early closing times, the university cited low traffic during late-night hours. Students weren’t taking full advantage of all W.T. Young Library had to offer, so it could no longer afford to keep the lights on because of state budget cuts.

Now that the hours have been extended for students, it is important that everyone take advantage of the bountiful resources available in the library, 24 hours a day, 7 — er, 5 — days a week.

The Hub, located in the basement of the W.T. Young Library, is a place for “students to make a little more noise,” said Stacey Greenwell, head of the Hub, in a Kernel article Wednesday. This gives students more opportunities to work in groups and hold free and open discussions.

“I like that you can talk without trampling over other people’s thoughts,” said Daniel Spenser, an agricultural education freshman in the Wednesday article.

But more than the freedom of being loud in an otherwise quiet library, the Hub has 274 computer stations that hold about 450 students, according to the Wednesday article. Students have access to PC and Mac computers that are loaded with software geared toward multimedia presentations.

Not studying with a group? The Hub still has helpful resources for students. The Hub has doubled the number of service hours staffed at the Information Technology Customer Service Center Help Desk, intended for students to use to gain assistance on computer access, accounts and software questions.

Having areas like the Hub allow students to work together and also leave those students who want quiet areas to study alone peace from discussion and group work.

This basement-level workspace is only one of several resources of which students should take full advantage at the library.

It took a lot of people speaking out and several changes on the library’s part to make these resources available whenever students need them. If resources like the Hub see more students putting them to use, the administration would be hard-pressed to attempt to curb library hours again.