Avoiding the deadly sins of relationships



By Alison Carson

The seven deadly sins are a set of principles set as a guideline to live a life of virtue. But they can also be applied to love. Making an effort to keep these “sins” out of your love life is sure to keep your relationship sacred.

Lust — Shacking up with someone else even though you have a significant other. It is a sin that can kill a relationship (or reputation) in a second. Sure there’s Jamie Grubbs out there luring you into an ill-fated stint in sex rehab, take it from Tiger. But if you’re in a committed relationship, you need to actually stay committed. That’s the whole idea.

Greed — A sin some women faulter to. Getting involved with a guy for his status or the money he has is a major dating transgression. At first, love might seem a whole lot brighter with the thought of notoriety or attention. However, a connection built on such selfish foundations ends up looking very Anna Nicole Smith and definitely not virtuous to the dating world.

Gluttony and Sloth — The two sins go hand in hand in the realm of dating. In the beginning you want to impress her — subtly flexing while grabbing the salt on a first date or tensing up the abs when she gives you a hug. However, once you’re comfortable in a relationship, it’s easy to fall into a lifestyle of letting yourself go. Suddenly you find yourself picking up Raising Cane’s instead of hitting the gym. If you become lazy with your relationship and stop working to keep him or her interested, you’ll find yourself replaced.

Pride — Everyone thinks they are special. And sure you are. But when it comes to the virtues of love, pride is one deadly sin. It’s the subtle belief in the back of your mind that you are out of the other person’s league. This leads to relationship slayers like never apologizing, always being condescending and probably finding out the hard way that he or she is finished with being mistreated.

Envy — Glancing at his text messages, only to find “chem girl” on his phone again is jealousy setting in. It’s okay to be protective, but when you’re green-eyed at the sight of her inboxes, it’s going to create issues. Being trusting is a fundamental value in a relationship. Being envious at the interest your partner gets from the opposite sex only sets you back.

Anger — In relationships there is always anger and resentment. Fights are natural. However, it is the main cause of breakups. Not being able to let the little things go spells disaster. Keeping open lines of communication the minute you’re feeling upset is essential. Otherwise, you end up looking more like a contestant on “Tool Academy.” Freaking out in public places or exploding in front of his roommates is counterproductive.

When it comes to relationships, it’s about making a conscious effort to keep true to values that nurture the bond between the two involved. To avoid being the “jealous boyfriend” or the “psycho girlfriend,” it’s about living free of “relationship sin.”