Bunks: Gourmet burgers, fair price



By Derek Brown

A cheeseburger is a simple dish. From up-scale restaurants to drive-thru windows to backyard grills, the cheeseburger is offered on most menus. What is it then that sets burgers apart from one another? Why do we pay upwards of $7 for an item that is routinely offered on dollar menus throughout the country? Attention to detail.

While some burgers may be cheap and convenient, they are slopped together and thrown in a bag. This is not the case at Lexington’s newest burger joint, Bunk’s Gourmet Burgers, located inside Two Keys Tavern. Signature gourmet burgers, varying from “The Classic,” which includes American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickle, to more unique creations such as the “Tuck Special,” which is topped with Bunk’s hand-cut fries, Cincinnati-style chili, cheddar cheese sauce and green onion, are offered. Every burger available shows exceptional attention to detail.

When I visited Bunk’s recently, I ordered “Oldham’s Kentucky Smokehouse.” Boasting Vermont sharp cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, crispy Vidalia onion and dripping with a house-made bourbon barbecue sauce, I began to salivate as I awaited my burger and ordered a 24-ounce Pabst Blue Ribbon beer from Two Keys.

Two Keys allows Bunk’s all the amenities of a fully-stocked bar, allowing visitors to tip back their favorite drink with their gourmet burger. This bonus feature, combined with the numerous viewable flatscreen televisions, should make Bunk’s a gametime favorite for Wildcat fans.

The “Oldham’s Kentucky Smokehouse” burger did not disappoint. The combination of thickly-sliced bacon and delicious bourbon barbecue sauce accented the burger flawlessly and left my taste buds fully satisfied. Combined with an order of Bunk’s hand cut herb fries, which are dusted with sea salt, black pepper, rosemary, parsley and thyme, the meal was more than enough to fill my stomach. My entire order cost less than $10.

As I dined beneath the blue and white decor of Two Keys Tavern, I realized that Bunk’s Burgers knows the secret to differentiating between a quality, gourmet cheeseburger and a simple sandwich. The detail and thought that goes behind each selection of toppings or each house-made sauce is what makes Bunk’s worth the price. I’ll be supporting the new local business on South Limestone and eating at Bunk’s again. I suggest you join me.