Lottery and BCTC students don’t mix

Letter to Editor by Michael Frick

As I read over the e-mail sent recently regarding the upcoming student lottery for basketball tickets and the intense scramble for them, an idea hit me.

Why not make the UK student lottery only available to UK students? Bluegrass Community and Technical College is not, can not, and will not ever be UK.

That is not to say BCTC is not a great academic institution, but the fact remains that BCTC students are not students at UK. So why should they get the privilege of being able to get tickets at the lottery with those of us that are UK students?

Only 8,000 students were allowed into Memorial Coliseum for the last lottery and UK has several times that number of students. So not all of UK’s students can get in and much less when you add in all the BCTC students who could be eligible.

If they want tickets fine, but have them buy them the day after, like guest tickets.

Michael Frick

secondary education senior