Residents will benefit from plan

Letter to Editor by Dennis Duross

I certainly have no problem with the Kernel Editorial Board for expressing an opinion on the proposed Student Housing Bill.

I disagree with what the board said, not because it has been unfair to council member Lawless (she signed up for this and she’s a big girl who has to be able to take criticism — fair or unfair), but because what the board said is incorrect in places, misinformed in others, and in general (and most importantly) fails to take into account just how short-sighted, and how very much it is not in your best interests to advocate against efforts to bring modest levels of safety and security to the university area and (yes) beyond.

I would be lying if I suggested reform efforts will not adversely affect students in some as yet unforseen way.

I don’t know that for sure, and admitting it doesn’t exactly strengthen my position in the discussion. But that is not the goal.

But I would also point out something that most students understand intuitively, if not explicitly — that your interests in this conflict are for the most part temporary in nature.

That’s not to say your interests are of no concern, but it is the rest of us that are left to address the very real negative impacts that your otherwise delightful stay with us have on the greater community.

It would be irresponsible of us to do any less than that.

That it takes neighborhood residents (and not landlords or the university) to tell you these hard truths doesn’t exactly thrill any of us.

In fact, if the stakes weren’t so high I’d be tempted to say that it wasn’t worth the pain in the ass that trying to bring successive generations of students up-to-speed on these issues obviously is, especially since it’s not like our efforts have ever really paid off in any appreciable way.

But you deserve to be addressed like the intelligent people you are (or will become) by somebody, and if it has to be a bunch of neighborhood fogies that tell you what you need to hear, then so be it.

So I’m not happy the editorial board has taken this position that is decidedly not in the best interest of the student body, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

It’s just that none of you were here to see it. Demand better from your newspaper.

Dennis Duross

Extension Communication Specialist