A leap of faith: finding out if it’s more than friendship



By Alison Carson

It’s a story as old as dating.

Two friends use basketball games, movies and even pre-gaming to cover up an alternate agenda.

Falling for a best friend is a phenomenon captured in books and movies such as “When Harry Met Sally” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” One night a long phone conversation leads to a lasting smile.

When thinking of your best friend studying abroad, you realize in their absence that you really miss them. But does that mean you can find yourself taking things out of the friend zone?

There are a few reasons to go for broke and see if your best friend can be something even more. The months, or maybe years, you’ve spent as best friends have done nothing but lay the foundation for a strong relationship based on something other than physical attraction. Knowing what makes one another tick and establishing trust over a long period of time provides a strong basis for why you actually like the person.

History also plays a huge role in the ability of best friends to make the transition. You remember him in his awkward phase of high school. You’ve seen her without makeup. But it doesn’t matter because you like each other.

The inside jokes, story swapping and poking fun makes the relationship comfortable and playful.

When you have discovered your next-level fondness for your best friend it’s usually scary. It is a delicate balance between not ruining what you have and the relationship that could be.

What if you date and it’s just not right? Running the risk of ruining a perfectly good friendship is what deters people from the entire notion.

If you just can’t contain yourself—you have to tell your best friend how you feel.

Worst case scenario— your best friend will respond “you’re like a little a sister to me” upon your confession. If that’s the case, the situation gets pretty “Harry.” You can either decide to continue on with the best friend relationship as is or pull back. Hanging out every waking moment or being too flirty may be painful if you know they don’t like you in the same respects.

Best case scenario is your best friend has been feeling the same way and the attraction is mutual llowing you both to throw caution to the wind and see what develops.