Laughable tobacco ban has little effect

Letter to Editor by Tommy Juanso

Well, significant time has elapsed since the smoking ban has gone into effect, and I am proud to say smoking on campus has ceased.

Everyone at the law school’s normal smoking points, as well as those located near Patterson Office Tower and White Hall Classroom Building have all stopped their smoking.

I want to laud the administration at UK for its well-envisioned, effectively enforced, and completely practical ordinance against smoking on campus.

This was in no way too far reaching or ineffective. People the campus over are deterred from the chill-inspiring threat of possibly being given a no-no citation.

I’ve not even seen a cigarette in months, been enveloped by the miasma of smoking that I’ve endured for years as a student at UK, nor have I given up hope that making rules that are super-practical and realistic against smoking could be complete failures of time, energy, resources, or publicity for the administration.

On a completely unrelated note, please issue an ordinance against sarcasm so people are forced to express their actual ideas rather than do their best to eviscerate stupid policies through verbal irony.

I’m sure that will work and everyone will follow and respect that as well. An appreciative student,

Tommy Juanso

third year UK Law Student