Gas leak evacuates South Limestone businesses


After shutting down South Limestone from Virginia Avenue and Avenue of Champions from Martin Luther King Boulevard, Lexington Fire Department leave the scene of a gas leak after construction crew hit a gas line early Thursday morning. Columbia Gas was able to shut off the gas to the line around 10:30 a.m., with traffic returning to normal near 11 a.m. Photo by Allie Garza

A gas leak had the major arteries around UK’s North Campus temporarily shut down Thursday morning as crews worked to alleviate the situation.

After construction workers struck a five-inch gas line at the corners of Winslow Avenue and Avenue of Champions, Columbia Gas crews worked to find a way to stop the gas from escaping.

Businesses along South Limestone, from Kennedy Book Store up to McDonald’s were evacuated as the Lexington Police and Lexington Fire departments monitored the situation.

Dorms on UK’s North Campus were not evacuated after the fire department checked gas readings and found the residences to be safe, said Major Shaun Brown of the Lexington Fire Department.

By 10:30 a.m., Columbia Gas had clamped off the line and gas was shut off, allowing roads to be open and traffic to begin flowing normally.

The incident occurred when construction crews were digging up underground lines and struck a gas line because of incorrect information they had been given.