Paul’s campaign based on real issues

Letter to Editor by Nathanael Reis

I’m writing in response to the letter to the editor in the Kernel on March 2 bashing Rand Paul. The letter may have a pro-Grayson headline, but like most of Grayson’s campaigning, is more accurately described as anti-Paul. The establishment can’t help but attack a defender of liberty.

Paul is definitely the U.S. Senate candidate drawing the most attention. Even his key opponent can’t seem to stop talking about this ophthalmologist from Bowling Green.

Who can blame him? Paul knows how to back up his stances with more than attacks and complaints.

A political ad by Paul’s campaign is the major instance where dissenters may beg to differ. In response to the Grayson letter to the editor, the commercial, when seen at face value, could allow a superficial viewer to conclude that Grayson is an opponent of coal and a supporter of President Barack Obama.

However, an even remotely informed voter will recognize the ad as an obvious replica of Grayson’s own commercial, which attacks Paul by taking his words out of context in the same way.

This is clearly noted, since Paul’s ad begins with a clip of Grayson’s commercial. It is extremely deceptive to claim this kind of campaigning is original to Paul.

With solid dedication to fiscal responsibility, Paul’s first move once in office will be the proposal of term limits, which will cut down on special interest influence and pork barrel spending.

He will support financial security by offering amendments to balance every bill that calls for deficit spending.

Contrary to false claims made by his opponent, he is firmly pro-life, with endorsements from Concerned Women for America and Sarah Palin. Paul strongly believes in constitutional conservatism and in returning the states their constitutional rights.

Kentuckians should be represented by someone who is not afraid to think outside the establishment’s box.

His opponent can do nothing but slander because he simply has nothing else to talk about. A standout leader in the Tea Party movement, Paul will fight for liberty and make the voices of Kentuckians heard.

Nathanael Reis

chemical engineering junior