Politicians lack the necessary responsibility, integrity

Letter to Editor by Charles Bearse

When you hear the word politician, what comes to mind? I think about words such as rich, greedy, corrupt, etc.

Yet, when I think about early politicians such as Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, the words leadership, excellence and perseverance come to mind. So what has changed since then to lower public opinions about our politicians?

I believe it is how our system of government is currently functioning. I consider myself a very patriotic person and am truly blessed to live in this great country, but I will admit we have a few problems.

For example, look at the recent events involving the health care bill. Sen. Ben Nelson from Nebraska literally sold his vote to the highest bidder.

Nelson was the last Democrat to support the bill. His turning point came when the federal government offered him 100 percent coverage of the state of Nebraska’s health care bill.

Does this form of bribery not strike anyone else as immoral? Should our senators be allowed to take bribes such as this?

Before answering that question, ask yourself what would those great men like Franklin, Lincoln or Washington believe?

They would be outraged at how our government is functioning and how our leaders are acting.

Our senators are no longer making decisions based on morals or even representing the opinions of their statesmen (polls proved many Nebraskans were upset with Nelson’s deal), but rather wheeling and dealing for government money/benefits for their state. Keep in mind, I am not saying every politician is guilty of this act, but there seems to be a trend forming.

If a bill such as the health care bill is passed, it should be passed properly and fairly. It should affect every state the same, for better or for worse. There should be no selling of votes inside the Senate. What this country needs most is to return to what the framers of our Constitution had in mind and end these acts of bribery.

Charles Bearse

mining engineering junior