UK group’s work with NASA shows progress

Kernel Editorial Board

UK might be making its way into the space age as a team of 10 undergrads, known as the Weightless Wildcats, have been selected to help conduct research for NASA.

With a top-20 plan hoping to develop students who will leave UK and give back their communities, and a “See Blue” campaign which looks to see UK’s influence reach beyond the border of our state, students like those who involved in the Weightless Wildcats epitomize the type of impact this university hopes to see in its students.

Nearly 100 universities across the nation applied to be a part of the experiment, and for the third straight year, UK was one of just 15 schools selected.

The Weightless Wildcats will be experimenting with bubble movement in 20 syringes, and four of the students will test the findings in a NASA aircraft.

Returning to the project for a third straight year has its advantages. According to a Feb. 22 Kernel article, mechanical engineering senior Travis Cimino said this year’s experiment will be a continuation of last year’s.

NASA said the research conducted by the students may be used for future missions.

Once the team returns they will be speaking to elementary students about the use of math and science in the real world, further exemplifying the outreach the team will have for the university.

Applying skills taught in the classroom to scenarios extending outside of UK’s campus is the exact kind of strides UK’s “See Blue” campaign and Top-20 Plan are hoping to achieve.

Students like those involved in the UK microgravity team should be commended for their efforts and set the bar for their peers across the university.