Republicans motivations make them bad party

Letter to Editor by Paul Whiteley

If American citizens let Republicans regain their recent, short-lived control of all three branches of government, democracy as we have known it will continue to be broken for a long time.

By desiring to cut, or even do away with Medicare, the GOP shows its “survival of the fittest” philosophy. It is a philosophy that is not morally or spiritually sound and is keeping us from getting needed health care reform.

With fiery passion, right-wing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh tells his audience daily President Barack Obama is destroying our country.

Even before Social Security and Medicare became law, the Republican Party opposed both programs and would kill them today if they could. Greed and selfishness are the motivators for doing away with them. That is what’s destroying America.

No matter who is president — Democrat, Republican, Independent — or what party controls Congress, Washington, D.C., is never going to change as long as big, special interest money determines how we do politics and our economic system runs on greed.

Paul Whiteley