Column lacked comprehensive ideas

Letter to Editor by Brian Dixon

Mr. French’s column regarding his “conservative agenda” strikes to the heart of irresponsible journalism that seems to pervade every facet of our society.

The underlying tone is one of “us (conservatives),” versus “them (non-conservatives).” Beginning from such a position incites anger and promotes more division where there should be less. Frankly, this column was in poor taste and contains a few statements I refute, specifically the claim it has become evident our “market-driven economy” was diverted by greedy Americans (conservative and non-conservative) bent on amassing more wealth.

The government played the dad of an irresponsible child and loaned money to offset the fallout. Most economists (both conservative and non-conservative) agree the major crisis is averted and now the government seeks to sell its share in major banks, reportedly at a profit.

The paragraph regarding “predatory pricing” shows a lack of understanding of health care and its business component.

As a physician, I’m privy to doctors (both conservative and non-conservative) who feel the current system can not be sustained.

And while the lack of personal responsibility and of tort reform make the bill less palatable, bringing all Americans to the table to discuss health care is a feat worth lauding.

Lastly, with all due respect, any culture that spends more time “punishing” its constituents for their poverty, mental illness, or age will breed entitlement and resentment in its people.

We should instead “incentivize” Americans (conservatives and non-conservatives) to make healthy, respectful decisions for themselves and their neighbors.

Brian Dixon, MD

Pediatrics Resident