Doctor’s contribution positively affects society

Kernel Editorial Board

Inspired by the high obesity rates associated with the state of Kentucky, UK medical school graduate Steven Snodgrass developed a solution to fight the overwhelmingly high statistic.

The solution took shape in the form of Pro-Bites, a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks often consumed by Americans.

Pro-Bites are high-protein snacks intended to allow consumers an alternate choice to the snacks contributing to bad health and obesity. They contain 120 calories per bag and contain no trans-fat, cholesterol or gluten, according to a March 29 Kernel article.

Snodgrass said he noticed his patients were struggling with obesity while operating on patients in his current job as a surgeon in Bowling Green, Ky.

As an alumnus of the university, Snodgrass’ Pro-Bites show just how far UK’s influence is able to extend statewide.

It is this kind of initiative that will help propel the university’s top-20 plan, while simultaneously contributing to the reputation and prestige of the medical school.

In addition to its ability to help fight obesity across the state, the snack also gives back to UK itself as it is directed toward students, who are often on-the-go with little time for full meals.

Snodgrass said students often skip breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, and Pro-Bites offer a solution to the problem. It’s often stressed how important breakfast is to promoting an active mind, but it is also key in regulating the metabolism and preventing obesity, something the quick, easy Pro-Bites help with.

Snodgrass’ efforts not only affect students in the present, but a good diet can contribute to good health later in life. He said obesity can lead a student’s life expectancy to drop below that of his or her parents.

Snodgrass’ efforts show a desire not only to develop a product that can help fight obesity, but a general passion for helping improve overall health across Kentucky, or even the nation.

In being passionate about his cause enough to develop ideas and products that contribute to the well-being of students as well as Kentucky residents, Snodgrass sets the bar for achievements current students should strive to match in representing the university on the state and national level.