Fraternity gets slippery to raise money



By Drew Teague

Most students can remember the days of playing kickball in elementary school, but one UK fraternity has taken this classic school-yard game and added a slippery twist.

To raise money for the Special Olympics of Kentucky, Phi Sigma Kappa has added a Slip ‘n Slide to their kickball game, between third base and home plate in a game they have dubbed “Splashball.”

Phil Marchetti, an architecture freshman and Internal Philanthropy Chair for Phi Sigma Kappa, said the idea came from a brother in the fraternity who transferred from South Carolina.

Marchetti and the rest of Phi Sigma Kappa have been working on this event for a while trying to get all the components put together.

“It’s been in talks since the end of last semester and we’ve been working on putting it on since the beginning of this semester,” Marchetti said.

Teams had to register for the event by April 13, making sure all paper work and the $50 registration fee was in to the Phi Sigma Kappa house.

Now Phi Sigma Kappa is ready to get the event rolling. Marchetti said the rules are simple but runners must use the Slip ‘n Slide to score a run.

“Splashball is just a kickball tournament,” Marchetti said. “It’s just like regular kickball but with a Slip ‘n Slide between third base and home.”

Games will be short, Marchetti said, to make sure all teams play and the entire tournament will finish in a reasonable time.

“Games will be played in four innings,” Marchetti said. “Teams have 10 people on them, five guys and five girls, and the batting order has to alternate (between sexes).”

Because of the added Slip ‘n Slide element involved with the game, Marchetti said the event will go on rain or shine. During this tournament, teams will be playing for the “Splashball Champions” plaque or trophy that Phi Sigma Kappa will present to the winners.

Splashball has a total of six teams in the tournament this year, but the fraternity is expecting for it to grow in coming years.

“Since it’s our first year, we expected smaller numbers and some growing pains,” Marchetti said.

The tournament will be held Saturday 1 to 8 p.m. at the E.S. Goodbarn Field.