Drake makes himself at home in Lexington

Drizzy’s home — they were the first words out of Drake’s mouth when he took the stage in Memorial Coliseum Tuesday, and by the looks of things, he may as well have been.

Canadian rapper Drake wasn’t shy about his recently-formed relationship with UK, as he made it a central pillar of his show.

After waiting through forgettable, yet still tolerable opening acts, the lights dimmed and Drake took the stage to a thunderous applause—an applause he could incite on command by simply saying either “Kentucky” or “wildcats,” and he wasn’t conservative about doing so.

The highlight of the night came when Drake welcomed his “family” onstage. The majority of the 2009-10 men’s basketball team joined Drake onstage, where they danced behind him while he performed. Needless to say the John Wall dance had plenty performances by Wall and others.

Drake’s performance of his song “Fireworks,” from his debut album “Thank Me Later,” due out June 15, grabbed the crowd’s attention, capped off by his a cappella performance of the song’s second verse.

His theatrical background was glaringly evident. He repeatedly broke from songs to offer heartfelt insight that sounded like it could have been scripted for an episode of “Degrassi.”

However, his dramatics didn’t hinder his talent as a frontman. His charm is undeniable, and his Steven Tyler-esque mic stand was laced with bras rather than scarves, a collection that grew over the course of the show.

To add to the sensual vibe that seemed to dominate the middle portion of the performance, Drake invited a girl on stage to dance with him. The onstage interaction started off innocently enough with a prom-style slow dance, but eventually turned into a nuzzle session, which was a bit more intimate than some of the crowd was ready to see.

Fortunately it didn’t last long, and the fast-paced set moved along at full speed as it had all night. The setlist was well crafted, with songs rarely lasting more than 2 minutes, holding the audience’s attention throughout.

The performance had an organic feel, a refreshing attribute in the world of live hip-hop music. Other then the virtual absence of autotune, the six-piece band that backed him created visceral vibe and a fuller sound.

Drake declared Lexington his second home Tuesday, and judging by the crowd in Memorial Coliseum he is welcome back whenever he’d like.