Flying pizza pans, pickles highlight physics show



By Chelsea O’Connor

Anything from chemical experiments to electric pickles will be seen Wednesday night in the Chemistry-Physics Building.

The UK Physics Department, in conjunction with Arts & Sciences’ AweSome Week, will produce demonstrations for members of the UK community to observe and learn from.

Physics professor Joseph Straley said the department will use  demonstrations that are the same used in classes.

“We think these are interesting, because they make clear how certain physical laws work and allow us to understand the science that can lead to control nature,” Straley said.

Straley said the significance and purpose of the event is to promote the role of the university as an institution for teaching and research. The demonstrations are  for educational purposes but give the students a hint on how research can lead to new technology, which would ultimately make our lives better, he said.

“We’re hoping this will inspire people to take a course in physics, become a scientist or even the possibility of majoring in physics,” Straley said.

Straley said other demonstrations include levitating pizza pans, giant smoke rings and an optical illusion.

AweSome Week started Monday and ends Friday. For a complete schedule of the week visit