Kernel picks 2010-11 leaders



By Taylor Moak

[email protected]

The 2010-11 editor-in-chief and student advertising manager for The Kentucky Kernel have been selected.

Matt Murray, current features editor at the Kernel, was selected Wednesday evening to be editor-in-chief.

Murray said he wanted to lead the Kernel because it has the ability to reach and communicate to more students than any other organization on campus.

“I look forward to leading a place with as big a voice as the Kernel,” Murray said.

Sarah Geegan, a current account executive in advertising at the Kernel, was selected two weeks ago to be the new student advertising manager.

Geegan said she wanted to take on more responsibility in Kernel advertising and has plans to redo training for workers next semester.

“I’m really excited,” Geegan said. “(I) had it as my goal to take a greater leadership role at the Kernel.”

Duane Bonifer, president of the Board of the Kentucky Kernel Press Inc., said the Kernel has used a selection process for the two positions for about 30 years.

Bonifer said Murray has an “extremely sharp mind” and is “curious about what’s going on in the world.”  He said Geegan should be excited about the opportunity the new economy presents to newspapers like the Kernel.

“The quality of candidates was outstanding once again,” he said.

Bonifer said the selection process went well and showed the strength of the Kernel to work with the trio of the College of Communication and Information Studies, the Kernel professional staff and the students who work at the Kernel.

“(The selection was a) tribute to everybody,” Bonifer said. “Tribute to the faculty, tribute to the professional staff and (a) tribute to students who support their colleagues.”