Swift rocks Rupp


Rupp Arena was filled with the cheers of thousands of fans, young and old, as Taylor Swift performed at Rupp Arena on April 29, 2010 to a sold-out crowd during her Fearless 2010 tour. Swift opened up with “You Belong To Me” while the crowd sang along, echoing throughout Rupp. Photo by Allie Garza

Calling Taylor Swift self-indulgent would be an understatement. Criticizing her self-indulgence would be a crime- because it works.

Swift’s “Fearless” tour made its way to Rupp Arena Thursday evening, and the princess of country performed for a sold-out Rupp Arena for nearly two hours.

The production looked like a glorified high school musical, with its thematics ranging from a marching band/cheerleader set, to a Shakespeare homage. Every step by every performer on the stage, whether it be the band, the dancers or Swift herself, looked specifically planned.

At times the rigid structure of the show led to an apparent lack an organic presence, but the production kept the crowd engaged. Swift changed outfits more than she changed guitars, but her willingness to perform in every corner of the arena ensured there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

The majority of the crowd had to have been 15 or below, and it lead to deafening screaming and applause after every moment Swift spoke. What is admirable is the sense one gets that she still enjoys every minute of it. She went so far as to perform a song from the crowd, and proceeded to make her way back to the stage, hugging every pre-teen that threw themselves at her along the way.

Let’s not forget the music. Swift has a reputation of being a poor live vocalist, but Thursday night she showed what a tool time can be. Her voice was strong, not perfect by any means, but she was hitting her notes (no, she wasn’t lip-syncing).

The set incorporated tastes of all kinds, including a hard-rock guitar solo during the midpoint of her show between two of her band mates, while she changed outfits, of course.

The “Fearless” tour won’t alter the world of music, but all of the parents sagging their shoulders about having to take their kids to see their kids’ latest icon will be pleasantly surprised to see what Swift brings to the table.